The top reasons why more and more people are migrating to Australia

reasons why people migrate to Australia

People from all over the world migrate to Australia, and to be honest you can’t blame them. Thinking of the year-round wonderful climate alone is enough to make anyone feel like packing up their summer clothes, throwing them all in a case and getting the next (extremely long) flight to Australia. But why else are so many people deciding to pack up their lives and take them to Australia? Well, here are some of the top reasons why more and more people are choosing to migrate to Australia.


The weather and the climate

As we’ve previously mentioned it, it probably makes sense to pay some attention to the weather and the climate, and really is there any need to say more? Even Australian winters are hotter than the average UK summer, which is crazy when you think about it. If you want something to encourage people to buy houses fast, then guaranteed beautiful weather is definitely up there.


Free and subsidised healthcare

Aside from the UK having the NHS, which is under enormous strain at the moment, the vast majority of places in the world require that you actually pay for their healthcare or at the very least take out some insurance in order to pay for it. Unfortunately, a lot of the time this works out horrendously expensive, and people with high medical bills are often unable to pay them. However, this is not the case in Australia.

Some visitors and all Australian citizens and residents can enrol in Medicare and therefore access health services. Once enrolled, Medicare provides both free healthcare in public hospitals and will lower costs for medicines on prescription. For those eligible, Medicare will also cover the following:

  • Subsidised and sometimes free treatment from health professionals like doctors and optometrists, and in some circumstances even services such as dentists.
  • Free accommodation and treatments in public hospitals.

You can qualify for citizenship

Did you know that any permanent residents can eventually qualify, and ultimately gain citizenship in Australia? Not only this, but Australia also recognises dual-citizenship really well. Even children who are born to permanent Australian residents who don’t yet have citizenship are can apply for it.


They are home to some of the world’s most liveable cities

Did you know that every year, The Economist runs a survey in which it ranks the most liveable cities in the world? Well if you have a look at these surveys, you’ll see that numerous Australian cities have made it onto the list every single year. Melbourne actually has had several top positions, and in 2017 was the winner…for the seventh year in a row. When you look at statistics like this, it’s clear to see that Australia, and ultimately Australian cities, must be some of the best places to live in the world.

In this survey, each city is ranked on the following out of 100: stability, culture, education, healthcare, environment and infrastructure. Using this scoring system, Melbourne scored an overall 97.5, which is very, very impressive.


Education is either free or subsidised

When it comes to moving your family, especially one with young children, education is one of the top-ranking things that are likely to influence your decision as to where it is that you’ll move. Well, luckily if this is one of your moving credentials, Australia is likely to impress you again.

In Australia, the education system offers either free or subsidised education in primary and secondary schools. Not only is it financially viable, but Australia has an incredible reputation for not only its quality of education but also its methods of teaching. A lot of their teaching focuses not only on the usually regimented subjects but also on the extracurriculars such as sports and the arts – which is something that these days, is hugely lacking in British schools.


The food and drink

Last, but certainly not least, we do have to mention the food and drink too.

First of all, if you’re a coffee-lover, then look no further than Australia. Literally, everybody who lives there drinks it, and it’s well known for its coffee culture. There is an abundance of cafes who prepare coffee from fresh beans right in front of you.

Likewise, their food options are equally amazing. Not only are there an abundance of fast-food chains for treats, but Australia is also home to some of the best Michelin star restaurants in the world. Furthermore, because of the high levels of migration, you’re likely to find cultural food from all corners of the world, without having to look far. Good weather, good coffee, good food – plus all of the official stuff. What’s not to love?


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